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Many people think that the most qualified candidates are the ones that will always get the job. But the truth is that experience alone is not enough. Yes, it is important, but it’s not the only thing employers look for. Often a candidate with less experience, but with great soft skills and enthusiasm for the role is much more appealing to the employer.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve interviewed hundreds of amazing-on-paper candidates, who just didn’t convince the hiring managers. I’ve seen candidates with far less experience get hired, because they had *that something*. 

What that means is that if you really want the job, you need to showcase your unique qualities. Not just the years of experience, your technical expertise, your soft skills or motivation, but the combination of them. You need to get clear on what makes you different and then communicate that to the employer.

That’s exactly what I’m here to help you achieve. This isn’t just about practicing interview questions and answers. It’s about helping you understand the value you bring, get confident in your skills and abilities, develop powerful career stories and communicate authentically with the employer.

The Specialties


to give you the strategy and confidence you need before your interview


to empower you to negotiate your salary and benefits effectively


to help you communicate effectively and strengthen your professional brand

Interview Prep Mastery

Elevate your interview game and get hired faster.

The Services


Interview Mastery Express

Need help to prepare for an upcoming interview or simply want to refresh your interview skills? This session is for you.

What you’ll get:

Brandwiser Interview Coach with Laptop
Brandwiser Interview Prep Coach


Interview Mastery Pro

Haven’t interviewed in years? Changing careers and need more in depth interview coaching? Or you just want to be fully prepared for all HR, hiring manager and any other type of interviews you might face? Start here.

What you’ll get:


Job Offer Negotiation

Are you looking to negotiate a higher salary and better benefits package? Do you want to feel confident and prepared when negotiating your job offer? This session is for you.

What you’ll get:

Brandwiser Interview Coach with Laptop

"They asked me exactly what we prepared for."

“I hadn’t had an interview in 10 years, so when we were let go because of a restructuring, I didn’t know where to start. A family member referred me for a role at their workplace and I worked with Matilda to prepare for the interviews there. Best decision ever! They asked me exactly what we prepared for. The interview felt like a normal chat and I answered all their questions so confidently. I’m starting next week!”

Linda S.
Office Manager | Germany

"I wouldn't have done it without Matilda's expertise, support and amazing energy."

“Netflix here I come! I wouldn’t have done it without Matilda’s expertise, support and amazing energy. She helped me prepare for every single round of the long Netflix process, and she was always there to answer my questions, even when I was stressing out about every little thing. She loves what she does and she is SO GOOD at it!”

Anna V.
Specialist | Netherlands

"I implemented it all and surely enough I got the job."

“As a Manager I often interview candidates but when I became the interviewee I just got stuck. A friend recommended Matilda and I am so glad I worked with her. We did a mock interview: she was asking me questions, I was responding and she was giving me specific feedback on each answer. I implemented it all and surely enough I got the job.”

Jan N.
Support Manager | Netherlands

"I learned so much and loved her enthusiasm and energy."

“After working for myself for a few years, I decided I wanted to join the corporate world. Matilda helped me identify what skills and experience I was bringing as a small business owner. That was critical to land my current role, as back then I had lost confidence thinking no one would hire me without corporate experience. We prepared for so many different scenarios, common and tough interview questions. I learned so much and loved her enthusiasm and energy.”

Jana P.
Copywriter | US

"I was so afraid of interviewing."

“I spent 3 years outside of the workforce raising my little boy, so when I decided to start applying again, I was so afraid of interviewing. Matilda not only helped me feel confident in my skills, but she taught me tons of tricks on how to answer every possible question. I got 3 job offers and still can’t believe it.”

Anja P.
Marketing Specialist | UK

"After just one session with Matilda I got 2 offers. Best money spent."

“My problem was not that I wasn’t getting interviews. I was just not getting offers. It was always the same “thank you but we have decided to proceed with another candidate.” And they were never sharing feedback. Turns out I was doing it all wrong. After just one session with Matilda I got 2 offers. Best money spent.”

Isabelle V.
Account Manager | Belgium


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