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10 interview mistakes that
might cost you the job

Have you ever left an interview feeling like you nailed it, only to never hear back from the company? It can be so frustrating, especially since you are clueless as to what went wrong and how you can improve. The thing is that many candidates make common interview mistakes without even realizing it. The good news? You can easily avoid these mistakes and use the interview as an opportunity to showcase your skills.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the most common mistakes candidates make during the interview process, and give you practical tips on how to avoid them. Ready to take your interview skills to the next level?

What you can expect


You’ll find out the 10 biggest mistakes candidates make while interviewing—and you might be making, too—, and how to avoid them.


You’ll learn how to answer difficult questions such as career gaps, desired salary and reasons for leaving a job.


You’ll get a “thank you” email template that you can customize and send to your interview after the interview.


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